Keno Glossary

Every casino game uses distinct terminologies so that players can easily communicate with each other while playing a certain game. It is important to know some key important terms before playing any casino games. Like other casino games online keno also has some unique terms. If you are interested to play keno you need to know the terms used in keno online. Comprehending the common keno terms will help you to know the true mechanics of playing the game.

A brief keno glossary given below will help you to learn more about the keno game.

Catch This keno term refers to the number of selected numbers that equal the numbers drawn by the house.

Chase the Old Man Chase the Old Man is another important term used in keno online. This term refers to a playing strategy in which a keno player selects the numbers that seem to be appearing more frequently than the other numbers.

Combination Combination is one of the common keno terms that refers to the ticket that mixes a number of varying choices that allow the feasibility of having more than a single wager to occur with just one ticket.

House Keno Brochure Another essential term used in keno is house keno brochure. This term that refers to a brochure that allows the keno player to know about the payouts and bets that

usually occur in one year.

Keno Board Keno board is also one of the common keno terms that refers to the screens installed inside the casinos that allow people to know the numbers that have already been drawn in a game.

Keno Runner Keno runner is the term used to refer to the employees of casinos who assist keno players. You can easily identify keno runners since they wear a sash that displays the word "keno." Keno runners also carry trays filled with black tickets.

Keno Ticket Keno ticket refers to a piece of paper obtained by each keno player. This piece of paper features a number from one to eighty. Keno tickets are seen on top of tables installed inside the keno lounges of casinos. Keno players have the opportunity to choose a maximum of fifteen numbers.

These are only some of the common online keno terms that you must familiarize with, in order to play with confidence.


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