Keno Odds And Probabilities

If you want to have the best chance of winning while playing keno, it is necessary for you to look into the keno odds. This is the probability that the numbers you have chosen will match those drawn. One should clearly understand keno odds and probabilities to make better payouts while playing this game.

One of the great things about keno is that the odds of any particular outcome occurring do not change. As long as the keno game has 80 numbers to choose from and 20 numbers are drawn the odds and probabilities are always the same. The odds of catching your numbers varies widely and the different payouts will reflect these probabilities. The lower the probabilities the higher is the payout. Moreover, payouts will vary from casino to casino. Know about keno odds and probabilities and play the game with more thrill and excitement.

When you understand the number, figuring your odds of winning can be quite simple. It is essential for you to remember that five number bets have a higher chance of winning than losing. Five number bet with standard keno odds will be the most profitable way for a long-term player to use keno probabilities to their advantage. Read on to get further information on keno odds and probabilities to get more aware of keno game.

The odds of keno on fourteen number bets provide for a 2% chance of matching seven of the numbers selected. Often times, matching only a few numbers will yield a payout, even if the payout is not as large as the major jackpot. The probability of successfully matching 14 numbers to the casino is around 1 in 389 million.

Since, keno odds against hitting the highest jackpot are so poor, it will be wise for you to focus on smaller goals. Five number bets, may not be much exciting as fourteen number bets, but it is significantly better keno odds. With five numbers bet, you can still play the game to get experience with better odds of winning and much smaller long-term losses.


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