Land Based Keno Vs Online Keno

Keno is one of the most exciting casino game played by the people around the globe. With the coming of internet, one can play keno at the comfort of their home. Online keno is so similar to land-based keno and is played in the same way with the same set of rules. In both the games, board contains numbers ranging from one to eighty and the objective of the games too is similar. But there are some advantages of online keno over land based keno. Read on this article on land based keno vs online keno to know more about this game.

Land-based keno is played with paper keno tickets and crayons. You will not get any chance to change the number once you picked it. While in online keno you can easily change the number just with a simple click. Online keno is very easy and clean, as to pick the number you just need to click over the number. You can unselect the number if you change your mind by clicking once again.

Keno online makes you easier to select and decide on keno numbers than having to discard a paper ticket and begin again in land based keno. Moreover, you can enjoy the game right from your home without any distractions. With online keno you can easily focus on the game at the same time you can even pause and stop it for a while and relax yourself. Read on this article on online keno vs land based keno further for more information on this game.

One of the advantages of online keno over land based keno is that when you win at online keno, then your winnings are automatically added to your real money keno account. You don’t have to run to the keno booth as in land based casino. In online keno you don’t even need to click the mouse to get the winning amount as the computer automatically and instantly takes care of the winnings.

Most of the online keno games allow the player a pick of up to fifteen numbers. Some only allow ten, and a very few online keno games allow the player to select all the twenty numbers that the random number generator calls. One of the greatest advantages in playing online keno is that the house odds are lower. Land casino house odds can be as much as 30%. For online keno the percent rarely exceeds 12.

With online keno you can select a number of games to be played consecutively with the same choice of your numbers. You can click on Play One, Play Five or even Play Ten, and can just sits back and watches the games go on. In online keno, the player has the freedom to play the keno game at his own pace either, fast or slow whatever the player is comfortable at.


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