Rules To Play Keno

Keno is one of the most popular games of the casinos of the world. In fact, this game is very easy to play. All you need to know is the simple rules for playing keno online. It is one of the most exciting pastime games and most importantly, it offers the possibility of winning large payouts on relatively small wagers. Get to know the rules to play keno so as to enjoy the game with lots of thrill and excitement.

Online Keno rules are very simple to learn; when you play keno you will see a large board which consists of eighty numbers, start at 1 and ending at 80 on the screen. Before the round starts you need to choose anywhere from one to fifteen numbers on the board.

Then, the machine will randomly start to select twenty different numbers. The object of keno is to match up your numbers with the numbers being randomly drawn on the keno board. The amount you win depends on how many matches there are between the machine and the numbers you draw.

To start the game, you need to first select an amount to wager. You will notice button marked as "Chip Selector Increase (+) or Decrease (-)." This will help you to choose the exact amount you want to bet. Then, you can determine the number of credits you want to bet by the number next to the chip size indicator.

Select your numbers from the screen and after you have set you wager amount and selected your numbers, you can hit the "Click to Play" button. The game now starts. As numbers are drawn, the corresponding squares light up.

When all twenty numbers have been drawn, you will see how many matches you have. The more numbers that match the more money you will win. Moreover, your payouts will be shown to you before the round starts so you can see how many numbers you need to match up.

Follow the rules to play keno and enjoy this fascinating game for some great fun and wins.


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